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Best Allergy Friendly Snacks for Kids // Prep and Shine

Arianny Rodriguez of Prep and Shine has dealt with severe food allergies for her daughter’s entire life. Due to this, she’s been on a mission to find alternatives that she can safely enjoy. Below is her review of The Amazing Chickpea spreads – check out the link at the bottom for her full article, which includes 5 other great brands to check out!

“This healthy snack was actually the most surprising. I personally enjoy peanut butter and almond butter. When I read about The Amazing Chickpea I thought this was just going to taste like hummus really. But it’s incredible how this chickpea butter spread had almost the same consistency of the peanut or almond butter. And it really does actually taste amazing! Not to mention completely nut-free.

I also love the story behind this company. Sunil Kumar is a father of three daughters. None of them are actually allergic to nuts. However, one of his daughters loves peanut butter but was always sad she couldn’t share her peanut butter with her friends. So Sunil took it upon himself to come up with a spreadable treat his daughter could share.

Well, he did an amazing job! After dinner, we enjoyed The Amazing Chickpea spread over some berries. I also recommend adding this spread over the Kip’s granola bark. You’re welcome 😉

The Amazing Chickpea shares some great recipes for desserts and smoothies you can make with the delicious spread. There are also these great on-the-go snack packs that are easy to carry. This chocolate version tastes very similar to a hazelnut spread. Amelia was very happy to be able to eat this one because she gets upset that her brother can have the hazelnut spread and she can’t.

Family ratings from 1-5:

  • Amelia: 5
  • Gabriel: 5
  • Mom: 5

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