We believe quality ingredients yield amazing flavor. You will find that our ingredients are good for health and contain no artificial ingredients.


We use high-quality, dry roasted chickpeas.

.Olive Oil

Pure olive oil is used to make our healthy, delicious spread.

.Sunflower Seeds

High-quality, dry roasted sunflower seeds are used to make our spreads taste nuttier.

.Sea Salt

Sea salt adds to the flavor of our Amazing Chickpea Butter.

.Palm Oil

A small amount of palm oil (organic mechanically pressed) is used to avoid oil separation and stabilize our Amazing Chickpea butter spread.

.Pure Cane Sugar

High-quality cane sugar is used to add sweetness to The Amazing Chickpea spreads.


Creamy Butter

Crunchy Butter

Choc’A Chic Butter

All products have a shelf life of over 12 months. Product does not need to be stored in the refrigerator after opening.