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Sunil Kumar’s oldest daughter loves peanut butter but she could not offer PBJ sandwich to her friends due to nut allergies. Having realized the limited options for great-tasting and truly healthy snack options, Sunil decided to look for an alternative way of providing protein rich Peanut butter tasting spread without nuts, so parents wouldn’t have to deal with this avoidable allergy issue. The Amazing Chickpea is committed to helping parents feel confident knowing their children are eating delicious, allergy-free and healthy, so they can develop to their full potential.

Sunil started selling The Amazing Chickpea butter spread to local twin cities farmers’ market, finding customers surprised at how similar The Amazing Chickpea tastes like peanut butter. Now after two and half years, The Amazing Chickpeas is sold in retail stores, not only in the USA but Canada as well. Later on, he created a chocolate flavor of The Amazing Chickpea, Choc-a-Chic, that tastes like popular hazelnut spread brands but contains less sugar and fat, and it contains no nuts!

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With all the obvious health benefits of The Amazing Chickpea, the greatest may be it’s delicious flavor. While other “nut” butters have removed peanuts from their recipes, in a lot of cases, they’ve also removed the flavor. The beloved, iconic American peanut butter flavor, with its balance of sweet, salty and unique protein-rich flavor, is missing from most other spreads. Whereas that flavor profile is front and center in The Amazing Chickpea Spreads. With a mixture of chickpeas, sunflower seeds, oleic sunflower oil and sugar, The Amazing Chickpea captures the essential flavor that people love so much. Most people are sure they are tasting peanut butter when they taste The Amazing Chickpea. If you are still in doubt, we would like you to try our Amazing Chickpea Butter and judge for yourself!

The Amazing Chickpea a unique Chickpea butter spread that provides great taste and nutrition without the concerns of nut allergies. The Amazing Chickpea is currently sold in retail stores in both the United States and Canada.

Chickpea Butter Spreads

  • Creamy Chickpea Butter Spread
  • Crunchy Chickpea Butter Spread
  • Original Chickpea Butter Spread
  • Chocolate Chickpea Butter Spread

Chickpea Dessert Mixes

  • Chickpea Cookie Mix
  • Chickpea Fudge Brownie Mix
  • Chickpea Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix
  • Chickpea Muffin Mix
  • Chickpea Classic Pancake Mix

Roasted Chickpea Powders

  • Roasted Chickpea Powder Original
  • Roasted Chickpea Powder with Cocoa

Our Commitment

Shool Safe 100%
Nut Free 100%
Gluten Free 100%
Clean Label 100%
Amazing Taste 100%
Great Quality 100%
Nut Free Facility 100%
Clean Label 100%

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