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What High-Quality Ingredients Mean To The Amazing Chickpea

With so many nut butters in the market, you don’t have time to research every nut butter and their ingredients that go into your body—even though you’d like to. Learn how The Amazing Chickpea defines high quality, and what it means for your health.

Between juggling numerous schedules, fast-paced workdays, and everything else life can throw at us, you may not have time to research every ingredient that goes into your body – even though you’d like to.

And nutrition labels can make it tough to know what you’re really getting.

That’s where The Amazing Chickpea is different.

We’re passionate – maybe even obsessed – about what goes into our superfood chickpea butter spread. That’s why we source the best ingredients by screening sourcing companies meticulously.

And then we test them.

From ingredients to finished product, we test on every batch of The Amazing Chickpea to make sure each batch tastes great and meets our quality standards.

While that might sound impressive on paper, you might still have questions about what our testing and quality program really means, what our standards are, and what impact our commitment to quality has on The Amazing Chickpea Butter spread you choose to eat every day.

Ahead, how The Amazing Chickpea defines high-quality standards, and why our rigorous testing program matters even more than you might think.

The Amazing Chickpea’s Ingredients


How The Amazing Chickpea Defines “Quality”

Unlike some other nut butter companies who have ingredient lists that we cannot understand or spell, at The Amazing Chickpea we have only 6 or 7 ingredients (depending on the flavor) that we can read and understand individually.

It took us almost two years to perfect The Amazing Chickpea recipe so that it can have the greatest taste without compromising its nutritional impact on your overall health.

We meticulously craft The Amazing Chickpea Recipe so that we can offer a great tasting product made with the superfood chickpea ingredient you may not normally get in the average diet.

Below are the guiding principles that help define The Amazing Chickpea’s commitment to quality:

  • We select suppliers carefully with a commitment to quality and product safety, and who care as much as we do.
  • We believe in quality ingredients and fair trade. We strive to know each ingredient’s source, including where it is grown and harvested, and how it is carefully processed.
  • From raw materials to finished product, we run tests randomly on batches of The Amazing Chickpea to make sure each batch tastes great and meets our quality standards.
  • We never use artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.
  • We believe in sustainability and are committed to shrinking our carbon footprint.

Why Do High-Quality Ingredients Matter?

All proteins are not created equal. Chickpeas not only are a good source of protein but also contain high-quality proteins. Chickpeas amazingly contain eight of the nine essential amino acids our bodies need.

Alternative nut butters are gaining huge popularity in the market, and as demand for these nut butters goes up, so does the cost.

Big companies can produce in bulk and can sell products cheap, but they may have very little control over quality because they may source cheap ingredients.


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