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National Nutrition Month on FOX 21 – Colorado Springs, CO

Featured on Colorado Springs, CO FOX 21 News:

Move over, peanut butter… the chickpea is here! For those seeking a rich and delicious alternative to traditional nut butters, look no further! Free from 8 major allergens, The Amazing Chickpea easily spreads on bread, vegetables, crackers, pita or sandwich creation…whatever inspires your taste buds! The Amazing Chickpea spreads are available in a 12oz. or 16oz. jar, as well as in convenient single-serve cups which are ideal for placing in your lunchbox or desk drawer to nosh on easily! With only 170 calories and 5g of protein per serving – it makes an excellent protein-rich snack during the day. Rich & tasty, The Amazing Chickpea is available in 3 delightful flavors, including Creamy, Crunchy and Choc’ A Chic. Click HERE!


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