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NOSH Feature: Chickpea Butter Cookie Mix + Chickpea Fudge Brownie Mix

MINNEAPOLIS– Sunil Kumar, Founder and CEO of The Amazing Chickpea spreads has announced the roll-out of two new brand champions: First, The Amazing Chickpea Roasted Chickpea Powder™ and in the same category, The Amazing Chickpea Roasted Chickpea Powder With Cocoa. In addition, two Amazing Chickpea dessert mixes; Chickpea Butter Cookie Mix™ and Chickpea Fudge Brownie Mix™ have also been released to the marketplace.

The Amazing Chickpea Roasted Chickpea Powders were created to compete in the protein powder category. Both flavors are high in protein, have no peanuts, no nuts and no gluten to restrict the diets of those with allergies to those foods. Another benefit; The Amazing Chickpea Roasted Chickpea Powders have less sugar and salt than most comparable peanut powders. What that all means is that people with certain sensitivities can now enjoy all the benefits of a healthy smoothie, shake or baked creation without worrying about suffering any reaction whatsoever. People can even make their own unique, delicious, spreadable Chickpea Butter starting with the Amazing Chickpea Roasted Chickpea Powder.

The Amazing Chickpea baking mixes are the newest members of The Amazing Chickpea family of brands. Capitalizing on the delicious flavors of the exclusive Amazing Chickpea taste profile, these mixes offer high protein and rich, nut-like flavor without any of the allergen issues associated with peanuts, tree nuts or gluten. Chickpea Butter Cookie Mix is an easy to use package which requires only the addition of a little butter or margarine, and a little bit of water. Once mixed and dropped on a cookie sheet and baked, the results are awesome and delicious. Chickpea Fudge Brownie mix is an equally easy-to-use pouch which requires the addition of only 1 egg, a little butter or margarine and water. We think the flavors and textures of both of our new brands will hold up against any peanut butter cookies and fudge brownies you have ever eaten.

Healthy America, purveyors of The Amazing Chickpea Spreads, are proud to invite you to try for yourself the unique flavors and nut-free goodness of all of our branded products.

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