The Amazing Chickpea Powder – Chocolate [16oz.]

The Amazing Chickpea Roasted Chickpea Powder with Cocoa

The Amazing Chickpea Powder – Chocolate [16oz.]

2 Pack: $20.98

The newest member of The Amazing Chickpea family is our Roasted Chickpea Choocolate Powder! Made with the same delicious, healthy ingredients as our other chickpea spreads but with the added bonus of Pea Protein, Sugar, and Salt. Try it today with Shakes, Smoothies or Your own Chickpea Butter by mixing it with butter or ghee!

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RCP Powder Chocolate

Ingredients: Roasted Chickpea Powder, Pea Protein Isolate,
Sugar, Cocoa Powder, Salt

Cane Sugar - Chickpea
Sea Salt - Chickpea