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Coming Soon: Roasted Chickpea Powder

LAUNCHING SOON: The Amazing Chickpea’s Roasted Chickpea Powder! These powders are the perfect ingredient when you want a healthy, pure base for your nut-free power shakes, smoothies, recipes and other creations!

These powders also allow you to create your own Chickpea Butter Spread! Many people are unable to consume certain nut butters due to nuts, sugar, palm oil, or other ingredients – this powder allows you to create your own unique mixture that fits with your lifestyle! By mixing the Roasted Chickpea Powder with vegetable oil, coconut oil, or ghee, you’re able to produce a nut-free spread that fits your dietary needs. A touch of sugar + salt can be added to taste, if desired.

The powders will come in two varieties, Original and Chocolate – with 5g protein and 60 calories per serving, these are the perfect healthy addition to many dietary lifestyles!


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