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Chocolate and Chickpeas! Wait, What?

Choc 'A ChicThat might strike you as an odd combination, at first. Chocolate and chickpeas? Together? If you’ve never tried it, you’re missing out!

The two are meant to be together. It’s a natural pairing that adds an immensely satisfying, scrumptious layer of flavor to balance chocolate’s sweetness. They can be married in several ways, too – ground chickpeas with chocolate for a crunchy delight, or left whole and mixed with a chocolate crumble. My personal favorite, though, is blended together in a thick, delicious spread. 

Why would you want that? No – why would you not? Imagine how much better your week could start off if you had a heavenly chocolate and chickpea combo before the office commute!

If you just can’t do without a bit of chocolate spread every now and then, or you’re looking to be converted, The Amazing Chickpea Choc ‘a Chic spread one of the healthiest, tastiest and waist-friendly spreads around.

Spoil yourself without feeling guilty or weighed down by other oily, high-calorie spreads – you deserve it! Order now and use the code 20FP20FP to get 20% off your first purchase at The Amazing Chickpea Store.

Choc A Chic - Chocolate Chickpea Spread

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