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Parents: Where do you Draw the Line Between Healthy and Fun?

As a parent, you have a lot to worry about when it comes to raising your kids. Balance is hard to find. The line between keeping your children safe and allowing them to have fun is not alwaThe Amazing Chickpeays a clear one. Children need the freedom to have fun – but they also need discipline.

It’s not always easy to be strict or to enforce when they should be outside running around rather than sat inside in front of a console, or hunched over their phone – whether they’ve spent too long binging on a new Netflix series rather than playing with their friends.
As they get older, you have to start worrying about their homework. You worry if they’re actually doing it – for starters – and then you worry whether they’ve learnt well enough at school to do it. Then there’s that terror-inducing moment where they ask you for help with something and you can’t even begin to decipher what they just asked.

The Amazing Chickpea ComboIt’s all about compromise. Diet is no different – but there are some foods that make the compromise a little easier. The Amazing Chickpea spreads are delicious and healthy. The best of both worlds.

Chickpeas offer so many benefits that they fall into the ‘superfood’ category – promoting muscle and bone development, reducing overall sugar intake and warding off cravings for snacks. Even better, they’re peanut-free for those with allergies!

Score some points with your kids and order your jar today!

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